Portable pipe and drape systems are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of events. Exhibits and conventions make use of them for portable trade show displays. Churches and other small organizations often utilize pipe and drape to create hallways and barriers. High quality pipe and drape is the best choice to decorate events.
The foundation of the pipe and drape
1. Base plates - they are made of different zinc plated steel. Various sizes and thicknesses are available depending on the application and weight of the drapery panel selected.
2. Telescopic crossbar -Adjustable crossbar supports slip easily and securely into the uprights and are available in various adjustable widths.
3. Aluminum upright – Portable upright with adjuatsble size to suit for the hight we need and decorate the event wedding ect brackground  
4. Various drapes – Beatiful style drape cover the pipe kits to make the luxury and show exhibits a powerful first impression.

RK pipe and drape  
Pipe and drape for trade show booths, photo booth enclosures, and changing rooms
  1. Easy to move from venue to venue.
  2. Quick to set-up and simple take down when finished.
  3. Light weight and completely portable, eliminating the need for permanent construction.
  4. The cost effective way to have stunning trade show convention booths, photobooths, or dressing rooms.
RK pipe and drape
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